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Policy Odyssey II: The Journey Continues

Policy Odyssey II: The Journey Continues

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The game that's sold thousands and thousands since 2016 finally gets its sequel.


21 new problems

32 new solutions

A whole new world to sort out.

Can be played as an expansion pack - or as a standalone game

Here's how it works:

  • A 'problem' card is turned over.
  • You play the best 'solution' card you have.
  • You justify it, explain why it's the best policy.
  • Everyone justifies their policy.
  • Everyone votes for the best solution.
  • At some point, you're going to have to justify something you don't believe.
  • At some point, you're probably going to fall out with someone.


Recommended for everywhere from the classroom to the pub, this is a game with infinite possibilities.

Pack includes:

1x Rules card
21x Problem cards
32x Solution cards

SP is not responsible for any falling out that might happen as a result of this game. Probably. We hope.

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