Two Years Indoors - The pandemic in 100 posts

Two Years Indoors - The pandemic in 100 posts

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For two years, SP has been all over this pandemic, from daily briefings to restriction changes to just being here to help you through it.

We covered 159 briefings, posted nearly 400 times about varying restrictions and have put stuff out there more than 3,000 times since 1st March 2020.


Now that restrictions are nearing their end in England, we wanted to look back. To try to make some sense of it all. Here is our attempt at just that. 


The history of the pandemic, in book form, through 100 posts. 


Please note:

1) With the various restrictions across the four nations, we couldn't do Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Not within 100 posts. We can only apologise that this book is very England centric. 

2)The books are softback, 152mm x 152mm, 100% recycled paper.